Certification for Auger Carbon Steel Foundations CPI-SLPF
 Certification for Mast Arm Shrouds CPI-SH
Certification for Breakaway Transformer Bases CPI-TB
 Certification for Carbon Steel Ballast Housing Bases CPI-BHB
Certification for Casing Pipe
 Certification for Cast Aluminum Sign Bases and Sign Brackets
Certification for Breakaway Pedestal Traffic Base CPI-BAS
 Certification for Aluminum Poles CPI-AP
Certification for 4-1/2” OD Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Poles CPI-GP
 Certification for Steel Sign Poles
Certification for ¾” Anchor Bolts CPI-AB

Product Category: Open End Auger
Date Of Issue: 05/24/2005 12:00 AM

 Certification for Auger Carbon Steel Foundations CPI-SLPF

 Component Products, Inc. certifies the Auger Carbon Steel Foundations, CPI-SLSF and CPI-SLPF are manufactured in accordance with the following specifications: Base Plate ASTM-36 GR 36, Foundation Body ASTM A 252 GR 2, Auger Helix Plate ASTM A 36 / A635 Pilot Point ASTM A 36 / A575. All components of the Auger Foundations are domestically manufactured using domestically produced steel products and are domestically hot dipped galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123.

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